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Union County Health Department 

The mission of the Environmental Division

is improving and protecting the environmental health of Union County


  • Oversees the permitting process for residential onsite sewage systems
    in compliance with Indiana State Department of Health Rule 410 IAC 6-8.3  (View)
  1. Inspection of all septic system installations prior to covering
  2. Site visits before, during and after construction

  • Environmental health inspections for:
  1. Surface water pollution
  2. Disposal of solid waste

  • Certified Lab Water Testing Kits

  • Septic Permit Plan Review Process:
  1. Submit Septic Permit Application
  2. Submit a site plan of the property
  3. Obtain a soil evaluation analysis
          A Certified Soil Scientist must perform the soil evaluation
  4. Letter of Availability for Sanitary Sewer Service
          (a)   Required if property is located within the Brookville Lake Regional Waste District boundaries and
                 must accompany application
          (b)  This is obtained from the Brookville Lake Regional Waste District, 21 East Union St, Liberty, IN
  5. Site plans, system design and installation of residential onsite sewage systems must comply with Indiana State Department of Health Rule 410 IAC 6-8.3 Residential Onsite Sewage Systems and local ordinances.

  • See the Septic Permit Procedure Information Booklet for elements of the Plan Submittal  (View & Print)
  • Reference Material
  1. Home Owner Septic System Checklist  (View & Print)